Pico Laser Tattoo Removal

At Bare and Beautiful we help you get rid of unwanted tattoos and permanent make-up as quickly and painlessly as possibly with the latest in technology: the Pico Laser.


Other lasers like the nano laser can remove tattoos to a certain extend but even after 15 to 20 sessions often leave some rest ink behind that looks like a dark blue or grey shadow. This is called a 'ghost tattoo'.

Our Pico Laser works with a much shorter puls (picoseconds instead of nanoseconds) and is capable of pulverising the ink particles into much smaller fragments while having much less of an impact on the skin. This laser guarantees a much better end result and less treatments are necessary than with any other laser. 


Through the special handpiece we are able to even remove coloured tattoos successfully.



How many treatments are necessary?


The amount of treatments needed can be estimated depending on several different factors:


1. Age of the tattoo: older tattoos disappear quicker than newer or fresh tattoos.


2. Amateur or professional: amateur tattoos need less treatments than professionally places ones.


3. Colour(s): the less colours used in a tattoo the quicker it will disappear. Black will disappear the quickest.


4. Location of the tattoo: the higher the tattoo is located on the body the quicker it will disappear. The destroyed particles can be removed quicker by the lymphatic system if they are located on e.g. the face and neck.


5. Skin type: the lighter your skin is, the quicker the tattoo disappears.


6. Amount of ink used: the less ink is used, the less treatments are necessary.


7. Scar tissue formed after tattooing: Some people will form scar tissue right under their tattoo which usually presents as a thicker bulge. The scar tissue can make it more difficult to remove the tattoo and more treatments can be necessary. After the tattoo is removed successfully, the scar tissue will still remain. Not caused by the laser, but being made visible after the removal.


8. Type of laser: the shorter the puls the less treatments are needed. Picolasers have shown to be more effective in removing tattoos and to require less sessions.


Most tattoos need six to eight treatments at a six to eight weeks interval. This period is necessary to give your skin enough time to recover.


What can you expect during the treatment?


You will be given special glasses to protect your eyes from the laser. We will then place a test shot to see how your skin reacts and to calibrate the machine correctly to your needs. 


The treated area will first turn white. This is a sign that the ink is being pulverised. At the same time or a few minutes later you will see some redness and swelling that will disappear within 30 to 60 minutes.


In some cases punctual bleeding can occur. This is harmless and heals fast.


Sometimes little blisters will form on the treated area. They contain a clear fluid. It is best not to open them and leave them to dry out and build a scab.


Is tattoo removal painful?

The treatment can be uncomfortable or even painful, the experience differs from person to person and also depends on your overal health and feeling on the particular day. If you feel under the weather, stressed or tired the treatment can be perceived less comfortable. Most patients describe the feeling as an elastic band being flicked against their skin. The after pain is fairly short and will last 15 minutes at most. When treating a larger area, the feeling can last for a longer period of time - sometimes several hours - and feels similar to a sunburn.


Is numbing cream necessary?

When removing larger tattoos it is recommended to use a numbing cream. It can be applied before the treatment. You can consult your GP for more information and possibly a prescription.



The costs of all the laser treatments depends on the size of the area, and will be decided and talked about in the consultation. The prices for tattoo removal are per treatment. All of the laser treatments are done by trained staff.



< 5 cm2

€ 75

< 10 cm2

€ 100

< 15 cm2

€ 125

< 20 cm2

€ 145

< 25 cm2

€ 155

< 30 cm2

€ 165

< 40 cm2

€ 175

< 60 cm2

€ 195

< 80 cm2

€ 210

> 100 cm

Upon request