Manual Body Shaping and Anti-Cellulite

Manual Body Shaping or Body Toning  is the most effective method in achieving a restoration of connective tissue and blood supply. This technique  offers the best results in the so-called "riding hips" and in lifting the buttocks resulting in beautifully shaped, firm legs.


Manual Body Shaping has three functions:


  • Muscle contractions for toning
  • Pumping the lymph in order to free toxins for thinner ankles and knees
  • Warming the body to stimulate circulation for rapid degradation of body fat


Furthermore this massage is a very effective way to treat Cellulite. Especially when combined with the Bellabacci treatment we can guarantee great results after only a few treatments.


We recommend drinking plenty of water after each treatment, avoiding coffee, sugar and the extensive use of salt.

Body toning treatment

1 Treatment € 45,00
3 Treatments € 126,00
5 Treatments € 195,00
10 Treatments € 360,00
*This treatment takes 40 minutes  

Bodyshaping + Bellabaci

1 Treatment € 65,00
3 Treatments € 186,00
5 Treatments € 295,00
10 Treatments € 550,00
*This treatment takes approx 55 minutes