What is Micro Needling?


This treatment uses sterile needles, which produce very small perforations in the skin with a vibrating movement. The Microneedling pen creates minuscule and safe injuries in the skin layers that ensure new production of collagen and elastin (connective tissue). A microneedling treatment is a hygienic, fast and effective way of skin improvement. We use serums with high-quality active ingredients to increase the effectiveness of the treatments. The result is a more even complexion, smoother and firmer skin.

We recommend to undergo the microneedling treatment as a cure (with an interval of 3-4 weeks) for the best results.


The active ingredients of the serums have different effects and will be individually adapted to your specific skin type. For example an extra collagen or hyaluronic acid boost, targeting (acne) scars, against wrinkles or especially for enlarged pores or the area around the eyes to decrease the lines.

We work with Utsukusy's high-quality products to boost, repair and improve the skin.


What to expect after the treatment

The skin is generally red and tender for a few hours, depending on the intensity of the treatment. The redness mostly disappears within 24 hours. The skin usually starts to peel about five days after the treatment and new skin appears.

The use of sauna or hot baths is not recommended for 48 hours after the treatment. Be sure to avoid direct sunlight - especially in the summer - to prevent discolouration or hyperpigmentation,  this also applies to using the solarium.

Daily apply sunscreen with a factor of 30 or 50 SPF.


- Suitable for body and face
- Large pores
- Pigmentation problems
- Stretch marks
- Scars
- Fine lines and wrinkles
- Pregnancy welts



- Active acne

- Rosacea

- Raised moles and skin warts

- Psoriasis


- Diabetes

- Cardiovascular disease

- Pregnancy and during breastfeeding



We only work with products that have not been tested on animals.


Décolleté € 95 
Face € 95
Face and Neck € 135
Face, Neck and Décolleté € 165