The Lash Lift is a new and popular treatment that will give your lashes the desired upward and voluminous curl. The treatment takes about one hour and is painless and absolutely safe for both your eyes and your lashes.


Lash Lifting is the alternative to lash extensions (which can damage your lashes and make them fall out - traction alopecia) or false lashes. The effect lasts between four and eight weeks.


The effect of the Lash Lift can be maximised by combining it with a lash tint to make them pop even more.




For the optimal result it is best not to use any mascara (especially not waterproof one) or a lash curler for three days before the treatment so your lashes are clean and relaxed.


For the best result don't get your lashes wet (this also means shower steam or sweat) for at least 24 hours so the product can set. It is also important not to sleep on your lashes for the first 24 hours in order to guarantee an even result.

After that you can shower, swim and rub our eyes.

The results should be visible for 4-8 weeks.

Lash Lift – 60 min

€ 45



Lash Lift plus Tint – 75 min

€ 49




This treatment can be combined with other treatments such as a paraffine treatment for your hands or a facial treatment. Please contact us for arranging a beauty package treatment.