We offer a variety of different massages like classical, relaxing, sport massage or the  Ayurvedic experience.

Our massage experts always do an intake to establish a history and tailor each massage to the personal needs of the client.



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Our different massages

Classic / Sports

Enjoy a deep tissue, relaxing, or sport massage of 30 minutes or an hour and get rid of all the tension in your body.


You will first receive an intake and screening of your body with our professional masseurs in order to adjust the massage to your individual needs. The masseur can either focus on a particular part of your body or massage your entire body. It is entirely up to you.


So close your eyes, hang back and just enjoy.






30 minutes € 33,95
60 minutes € 54,95


The further along you are in your pregnancy the more you will feel the weight affecting your back. However it is a wonderful feeling to enjoy a relaxing massage at any stage during your pregnancy.  If you chose the 30 minute massage the masseur will focus on your back while during the 60 minute massage you can enjoy your entire body being treated.


You can chose to lie on your front or side depending on what feels more comfortable for you.


As with any type of massage you will first go through an intake where you can discuss any previous issues and current complaints. 

30 minutes € 33,95
60 minutes € 54,95

Manual Body Shaping

This intense massage focuses on the legs and buttocks diminishing unwanted problematic areas (such as riding hips) as well as cellulite and the accumulation of excessive fluids (Edema) resulting in beautifully shaped, firm legs.


This treatment can be intensified by combining it with the Bellabacci technique which is particularly effective against cellulite.





40 minutes € 40
40 minutes + 20 minutes Bellabacci € 60

Look into our other Massages


includes a Super foodshake - 45 min

€ 38,95


includes a Super foodshake - 35 min

€ 35,95

Lymphatic drainage massage 

60 min

€ 58,95

Ayurvedic massage

60 min

€ 58,95