Your hands and nails say more about you than you would imagine. They can tell someone at a glace if you are a person who takes care of him/herself and is well groomed or rather neglected and shabby.


We offer extended manual manicures and pedicures with a variety of different colours or as a more permanent option CND Shellac which stays on your nails for at least two weeks. With Shellac you also have the option to have your nails pimped with sparkling stones or images and patterns.


NEW  we also offer nails with mirror effect as well as holographic nails!!!   NEW


* Please note that the pedicures are NO medical pedicures.

Take a look at our Manicure- and Pedicure treatments!


Manicure with Nail Polish € 25,00
Manicure with Shellac € 28,00
Manicure with French Shellac € 32,00
Manicure Mirror Effect € 32,00
Manicure Holographic Effect € 32,00
Manicure Metallic Effect € 32,00


Pedicure with Nail Polish € 27,00
Pedicure with Shellac € 30,00
Pedicure with French Shellac € 32,00
Pedicure Mirror Effect € 32,00
Pedicure Holographic Effect € 32,00
Pedicure Metallic Effect € 32,00

Combination treatments

Manicure + Pedicure Nail Polish € 45,00
Manicure + Pedicure Shellac € 53,00
Manicure + Pedicure Mirror Effect € 60,00
Manicure + Pedicure Holographic Effect € 60,00
Manicure + Pedicure Metallic Effect € 60,00
Nailart per nail € 1,00
Nailart per 10 nails € 6,00

Removing Shellac

New customer

€ 10,00

Removing Shellac

Returning customer


€ 4,00

We also offer a manicure or pedicure treatment at your home for an extra fee of € 10,00.


*Our pedicure treatments are not medical pedicures


 * We have a cancellation period of 24 hours. Appointments that are canceled after that will be charged at 80% of the treatment price.