Triple Diode Laser

Laser hair removal has become a popular and efficient way to get rid of unwanted body hair. But how does it actually work?



The Triple Diode Laser


The machine we use is a triple Diode Laser. Diode lasers typically work with 808nm which is suitable for most hair and skin types. Our machine  combines 755nm, which is suitable for blonde and fine hair, 808nm which is the standard gold wavelength, and 1064nm for dark and very tanned skin.


The light energy is absorbed by the pigment located in the hair shaft and follicle and is there transformed into heat energy.


The laser shot rises the temperature in the follicle and destroys it irreversibly. The destroyed material is then absorbed by the body in a natural process.



Laser treatment

The treatment itself can be perceived as uncomfortable but should not be painful. Our clients describe it like the sensation of flicking an elastic band against the skin. Our special handle piece has an ice function which cools it to a temperature between 0°C and 4°C. This prevents the skin from being burned during the laser treatment and gives you a comfortably warm sensation.


The laser is directed towards pigment. We therefore ask you not to sunbathe for 2 weeks before or during your treatment. The same applies to self tan lotions and spray tan. To maximise the outcome we recommend not to wax or epilate the treated area. You can trim or shave before and during the treatment. For best results you should shave about 24 hours before the treatment.




Long lasting results


Hair is categorized in different stages of growth and shedding. The laser however can only destroy the actively growing hair, which is why you need several sessions, making the result more effective with each treatment. With this type of laser you need between 4 and 8 treatments for a long lasting result depending on how much hair you have and which body part is being treated. The growth rate also differs depending on the part of the body. This is why we recommend waiting 30 days between treatments in the face and on the head and 8 weeks for the rest of the body. Please note that new hair follicles can be produced by the body. This is why we recommend a follow up session every few years to optimise the end result. Pregnancy and menopause can also influence the formation of new hairs in unwanted areas like the face and neck.



Between the eyebrows

€ 50,00
Upper lip € 65,00
Upper lip and chin € 110,00
Chin € 65,00
Cheeks € 110,00
Entire face € 175,00
Neck € 95,00
Sideburns € 90,00
Neck hairs € 85,00

Bikini small

(slip edge to groin)

€ 105,00

Bikini medium

(string line to groin)

€ 130,00
Brazilian € 155,00
Buttocks € 105,00
Belly line (women) € 80,00
Thighs € 210,00
Under legs (incl. knee) € 195,00
Whole legs € 375,00
Armpits € 80,00
Armpits & Brazilian € 210,00
Armpits & bikini line € 185,00
Upper arms € 155,00
Forearms € 155,00
Whole arms € 265,00
Hands € 75,00
Areola € 55,00




€ 175,00


€ 175,00
Chest and belly € 295,00
Areola € 55,00
Shoulders € 175,00
Back € 250,00
Shoulders and back € 295,00
Beard € 175,00
Buttocks € 185,00
Perineum € 115,00
Boyzilian € 185,00

Package deal: Buy 5 get 6